Steven Hojjati(スティーブン ホジャティ)

Having a horse at home was always my dream! I have been an English teacher for the past 27 years, far from being a horseman. I got my first horse and he came home with his problems, bitting, kicking and .... I had no idea how to fix them, and that is when I met Natural Horsemanship techniques. I started realizing that it would be easier for me to learn why a horse does what he does. I took lessons, read a lot about them. I retrained my horse and trained other horses. I have tried to help other people with their horses as well. Now my horses and I share a bond, and I would love to share it with you, too!


The story of Steven's Stable...
Where it is easy to be alone, but hard to feel lonely....

My wife and I started Steven's Stable in 2007.
We are located in Kobetsuzawa in Sapporo city, Hokkaido just 20 min. away from JR Sapporo Station, on a 6000 Square-meter land, surrounded by beautiful nature. We have 3 horses and a dog. We want to keep your horseback riding as private as possible and ensure your horse ride is safe and enjoyable.

2007年、沢山の方々の協力のもと、名前もない土地に「Steven’s Stable」が誕生しました。札幌駅から20分の立地にも関わらず、大自然に囲まれている小別沢で、馬3頭、犬1匹と生活しています。私たちは出来るだけ「自分の場所」で「自分の馬」に乗っている様に、1人1人の時間を大切にしたプライベート乗馬が楽しめる場所を目指しています。


Steven's Stable

About us...

スティーブンズ ステーブル  

Our horses and pet

Sonia (ソニア)


Elmes (エルメス)


Archer (アーチャー)

パルーサー、 とどさんこのミックス、子供たちからも大人気!

Joy (ジョイ)